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Musky, Warm, Ambrette seed, Fruity

Ambrettolide is a macrocyclic musk which has exceptional diffusion and a very fine character. It is unique in that its influence in a composition can be perceived at all evaporation levels. It is a superb fixative and highly substantive, and yet exalts the top note of a fragrance in an exceptional manner.

Use level Traces – 2%
Tenacity on blotter 1 month
Burning effectiveness Good
Substantivity Damp Good
Substantivity Dry Good
Bloom in soap Moderate
Formula C16H28O2
MW 252.4
CAS# 28645-51-4
Log Pow > 6.0
Vapour pressure (20°C) < 1.0000 hPa

Base pH Odour
Acid Cleaner 2 Poor
Fabric Conditioner 3 Good
Antiperspirant 3.5 Poor
Shampoo 6 Good
APC 9 Good
Fabric Detergent Liquid 9 Good
Soap 10 Good
Powder Detergent 10.5 Good
Liquid Bleach 11 Poor